Nazjatar summary guide

Nazzhatar is a new location that will appear in the game along with the release of update 8.2. In this guide, we will help players get accustomed to Nazzhatar and detail all the features of this location: quests, mechanics, rare creatures and unique events.


After the defeat in the battle for Dazar'alor, the Horde found itself in a terrible situation - the Zandalari fleet, for which the Horde originally went to Zandalar, was completely destroyed, and the Alliance suffered almost no losses. However, everything changes after the release of Xal'atat, from the shackles of her prison. The Blade of the Dark Empire falls into the hands of Silvana Windwind. With it, the leader prepares to carry out his plans.
Nathanos the Rotten, together with the blade, sails the ship of the Horde across the Great Sea. Upon receiving news of Silvana's intentions, the Alliance, led by Genn Sedogriv, sends their fleet to destroy one of the Horde's important commanders. As soon as the Alliance warriors reach their enemies, the ocean opens beneath the ships. All ships are drawn into the vortex. In the course of the disaster the forces of both factions find themselves trapped in strange lands, forced to search for a way out and fight off the never-ending attacks of the nagas.

How to get to Nazjatar

Although the story in Nazzhatar takes place after the events of the Battle of Dazar'alor, there are no additional restrictions to access the location other than reaching level 120. When you enter the game as your character, you should have a Wolf Goes Hunting / Chief's Order quest that will immediately send you off to meet the adventure in Nazjatar.

Can I fly in Nazjatar?

One of the main features of the "Return of Azshara" update - The ability to fly in Battle for Azeroth locations (available after receiving the Battle for Azeroth Primer Part 2).
Yes, you CAN fly in Nazzhatar! Flying your munt you can see some interesting passages, such as an epic buddy who rides a shark with rockets. I mean, with all that cool stuff, why wouldn't they surf there?
Plot quests
The story quests are tied to the Drowned Hopes/Unexplored Depths achievements. Some content and features introduced in update 8.2 will be available as you progress through the story. Below you can see a table of all the quests required to complete the Nazjatar storyline.
  • Welcome to Nazjatar
  • Sea Secrets
  • New turn of events
  • Requirements: 120th level character.
After completing the short quest chain, a new flight point will be revealed to you, as well as the ability to use the Flightmaster's Whistle in Nazjatar. Kelia will now have her father Corinne Sunset Moon standing next to her, from whom you can buy consumer goods and repair items.

Mrrl and the Murlock Merchants

Mrrl is a purlok serving the nagas. You can take him to your sanctuary in Mezzamer or the New House. Upon arrival, Mrrl and a couple of other Murlocks will become available to trade with you. The process of trading with the Murloks is in the style of the mini-game "Exchange of Goods": you buy an ordinary item, exchange it for higher quality items from other Murloks, and at the end you can purchase epic quality items from Mrrl. Epic items from Mrrl change daily.
If you are wearing Azsh'ari's Cloak - the Stormcaller (can be obtained by using the Benthic Cloak token), the Murloks traders and Mrrl will have new special items. Among those special items may be the Crimson Stormhorse, for which you can get the achievement From Mrrl's Stash.
For more information on Mrrl and his mini-game, see our guide: Mrrl's Trading Game and Obtaining Crimson Tidestallion Guide.
Mardivas Puzzles.
Mad Mardivas was a night-born wizard who was obsessed with riddles and puzzles. By opening the wizard chests in Nazjatar (or chests found with the Psychic Stone), you can obtain the Silver Knife with some chance. This item will start a short quest chain with various Mardivas puzzles.
Completing the series of quests will unlock the local Mardivas quests in Nazjatar, which will require you to unravel lines and play three-in-a-row mini-games (Nazjatar Relics).

Mardiwas Lab

Mardiwas not content with puzzles alone. He has a secret laboratory deep within Nazzhatar. After completing the quest chain to find it, you will be able to summon magical elementals by combining enchanting reagents (such as the Strange Volcanic Stone). These reagents can be obtained from various creatures in Nazjatar.
You can only summon creatures from the laboratory once a week.
Different combinations of enchanting reagents summon different elementals. Defeating all creatures created in the Mardivas lab will give you the achievement Cycle of Destruction. Reagents have a low chance of being dropped. However, using a benthic armor with the effect of Elemental Instincts, you can find enchanted reagents more often.