Transmogrification FAQ in Legion

This guide on transmogrification in Legion covers the basics and the most popular questions regarding upgrades to the Wardrobe. Visit our transmogrification section to learn more about Wowhead tools to help you create your perfect look.

What is transmogrification?

One of the many new features being added by Legion is the improvements that one of the most beloved features players have undergone. Transmogrification. Transmogrification allows players to substitute the appearance of an item with the appearance of another item. Some players go to great lengths to add items to their collection, so they can stick to one style, mix colors unimaginatively, or create a single and seamless look. Other players love to change the look based on a variety of things, maybe they got a new weapon and they want it to look harmonious with the look of the character, or try on a completely pink look for a Love Fever event.Anyway, people really like transmogrification, even though since update 4.3 Cataclysm bags and character banks have been overflowing...everything. Now we can probably start a new show called "Warcraft: Transmog Hoarders".

Be that as it may, in Legion they finally realized the need and love of players for transmogrification, and offered us a number of improvements for this feature! Adopting something from a similar system in Diablo 3, with some final touches to make it work better in Warcraft, this system will be one of the many positive changes Legion will bring with it.

For example, there's a new Wardrobe tab in the Collections section, which contains your collection of looks. You can see the items that fit a certain slot, filter the results by a number of sources, and see what you have and don't have.

What's new with transmogrification in Legion?

New slots for transmogrification: Shirts, crested capes, and weapon charms.
Shouldersleeves can be hidden. The option to hide hats and capes is now available to transmogrifiers, rather than being an option in the interface.
A lot of the low-level ringed rewards that were intended for warriors and paladins have become gauntlets. Some guises may now be available to different classes.
Facets are now generic to the account.
Sets have been added to the more easily obtained sets from dungeons, raids, and for PvP. As a reward for collecting these kits, you will receive the Top Model of Azeroth achievement and the title Stylist %s
How do I transmogrify my Legion gear?
Starting with the Legion pre-patch you will have access to an upgraded transmogrification system.
Visit transmogrifiers in major cities and click on them to open the transmogrification window.
The transmogrification system is similar to the existing window, with a "dummy" and slots that you click on to apply transmogrification. However, it's greatly expanded to include your wardrobe collection, located on the right side of the window.
The transmogrification window now has an option for saving looks.
You need to visit the NIP to transmogrify and change your appearance, but you can view your collection anywhere by simply opening the appropriate tab.
Q - Will the wardrobe be active simultaneously with the Legion preatch, or will we have to wait for the launch of the Legion pack?
A - The wardrobe, along with other UI enhancements, will be released as part of the Legion preatch.
Q - Do we still have to pay gold for the transmogrification?
A - Yes. Previously, in alpha, it was possible to transmogrify anywhere by simply opening the transmogrify panel. Later on, that was changed, and while you still open the wardrobe and see what items you have, see what they look like, and create looks, you can't transmogrify outfits from that window. You have to visit a transmogrifier or use a transmogrifier on your riding animal.
Q - Is it true that we now have to visit a Transmogrifier in Legion to hide my helmet and cloak?
A - Yes, in order to hide your helmet, cape, and now shoulder pads, you'll need to visit a Transmogrifier and hide those items with it. You will no longer be able to hide them with the interface.

How do I use the Looks menu?

Q - When I buy or pick up an item, how will I know if it's been added to my wardrobe?
A - There is a notification for new items in the chat window.

Q - Does the new Wardrobe system help me learn more about items?
A - Yes. If you're browsing the wardrobe and you see a helmet you like, the game will also tell you what kind of helmet it is, where it can be found, and which items look similar to it.

Q - Saving "looks" is also an innovation. Are "guises" common to characters?
A - At the time of this publication, no. When you save a look for a character, it is saved only for that character.
Q - What are "transmogrification sets"? How do they work?
A - *New in 7.2* Transmogrification Sets will be a new tab in the transmogrification menu. They will help you keep track of which sets you have already collected for your class and specialization. You will be able to scroll through the PvE and PvP kits for your class to see which kits and items from the kits you have collected and which you have not. If you pass your mouse over an item that you haven't mined yet, you'll be able to find out if it was obtained in the open world, bought from a merchant, or mined from a boss, as well as other items that look similar.
Q - Are ALL sets included in the Kits tab of the game?
A - No. Basic raid and PvP kits are represented, but not as many as here on Wowhead. On this site, you'll have a more complete collection to browse, including so called "recolors" (different kit colors), and similar kits. In addition, the in-game interface does not feature sets from dungeons, for quests created by professions, or mined in the open world.

What items are added to my Collections? What are the restrictions?

A - This is the most common question players ask about the new system, and you need to read the previous answers to answer it.
Q - Do I have to acquire again the items I already have in my bank or in my inventory in order for them to be added to my wardrobe?
A - No. Any items you have in your inventory will be added to your wardrobe and you don't have to re-collect anything you have now.
Q - What about items given as rewards for quests?
A - Any quests you complete or will complete in Legion that reward you with an Axe, Sword, or Shield will add all 3 of those items to your collection. This also applies to quests where you've chosen one reward and the others don't.
Q - I can't unlock an item in a raid set if it's not for my class?
A - Correct. Although many raid sets have similar items in the same raid and different color variations. So, if you can collect and wear "repainted" items, you can also get raid set items. This is not unconditionally true for vintage raid sets, as they are the most unique. A notable exception is the T3 raid set outfit obtained through the Black Market - this outfit was not tied to a class when it was created, and it would be unfair to limit it in Legion.
Q - What about items we can't wear?
A - The short answer is no. The expanded answer is, let's say you play as a death knight. If you're rewarded for a quest with a shield, or if you win a shield, that shield won't be added to your wardrobe. If you cannot wear the item, it will not be added to your collection. So, even though a death knight can wear a cloth headdress, it will not be added to your wardrobe because it is not designed for your class, at the same time, if you get a class set for a warrior, it will not count either. To clarify, you must be able to wear the item, it must be your primary armor type, and it must be obtainable and wearable by your class. If these conditions are met, the item will be added to your wardrobe.