A guide to obtaining the Uldir Raider's Glory

Uldir Raider Glory

Players need to achieve several achievements in Uldir, a raid of the Battle for Azeroth add-on, to receive the Uldir Raider Glory. As a reward, players will receive the Blood Drunken Krogh, a ground sledding animal. You can see a preview of the crog on Youtube service.

It is assumed that players are familiar with the battle mechanics of the regular difficulty level. If not, please check out the Uldir Raid Guides article to get an overview of the boss battles in this raid.

This guide was written with the help of members of Achievements Discord, a community where achievement enthusiasts can meet like-minded people, as well as form groups to complete various achievements, such as "Glory War Hero" and "Uldir Raiders Glory", and other activities. Group members can choose their role, region and faction - thanks to that they will be notified when a member of the community decides to organize an event in which they might be interested in participating. All of this makes recruiting for the group easier.


You can make it easier to get achievements by joining a raid group with the minimum number of players that would allow you to complete the raid. We advise including representatives of different classes in your group to have all sorts of positive effects, control effects and negative effects on your opponents at your fingertips. Representatives of the following classes should definitely be part of the raid group:

  • 1 Demon Hunter to collect spheres of harmony while fighting Talok;
  • 1 Priest to put a shield on players during the battle with the Stink Eater;
  • 1 Death Knight to retrieve raiders from spheres during Mithrax.

How to get the achievement: collect all four harmony spheres during the second stage of the battle while the platform goes down.

The locations of the spheres seem to be randomly chosen, however, the demon hunter should have no problem collecting the spheres thanks to Spark of Abomination and Planning.

Parental controls

How to enter the combination: press the buttons presented in each hall in a certain order. The said order varies from group to group, and may be as follows: 321, 213, 231, or any other combination of said numbers.

Simply send a group consisting of a healer and two or three fighters to press the button in the second and third hall. If the combination is correct, the buttons will stop flashing and cannot be pressed again. After that, you can finish the fight by defeating the boss, after which you will get the achievement.

Good Tackle Championship

After every four melee attacks, the boss will apply a Tough Tackle to the target closest to the active tank. This ability deals 300% damage equal to the damage dealt by normal melee attacks.

It is necessary that every raid participant is affected by this ability. We recommend that raid members use their own "saves" to survive the attack.

Fighting the boss itself is not too difficult, but healers should pay special attention to raiders without effective saves, as the boss will go into "Stink Frenzy" after it has 50% of its total health left.

This achievement is awarded to members of the group. However, keep in mind that only players who are still alive at the time of defeating the boss will receive the achievement.

What's in the box?

This achievement is fairly easy to get. Use the Yogg-Saron puzzle after the Yogg-Saron projection disappears during Phase 2. The puzzle will activate after Yogg-Saron's projection appears for the second time. This will help healers with mana conservation and make it easier to heal the raid, as you won't have to spend another minute on one of the battle mechanics.

"Squalls of the Abyss" deal between 25,000 and 35,000 units of damage - try to stay out of the affected area to make life easier for the healers.
Now there's a feud between us.
Matriarch Rakkali can be found near the bottom of the platform, not far from where Vectis fights. After infecting the matriarch with the Plague Bomb, she can be killed. Doing so and defeating Vectis will give you the achievement.

Lords of the Edge.

The description of the achievement pretty much speaks for itself - no player should step into the inner ring of the Oblivion Gate. We've prepared some tips for you:
Tanks should distract all additional opponents and gather them in one place, giving melee fighters the opportunity to deal damage to multiple opponents at once. On normal difficulty, Nasmanian blood cursers do not have the "Blood Presence" ability. - It's just a mapping bug - you won't have to worry about it.
Ranged fighters must be fully concentrated on the boss for the duration of the battle, and must not switch back to enemies if the melee fighters manage to deal with them within the time limit.
If your group includes 2 priests, you should separate them to opposite sides (placing them on the left and right sides of the group respectively). That way, both sides will be covered by the time additional opponents appear.
When Zul has 40% of his health remaining, the boss will drop the group members. Make sure you have a wall behind you - that way you will avoid toppling over from the platform.

Existential Crisis.

The original description, hence the translated one, is incorrect. How to get the achievement:
Do not touch your fragments;
Only touch fragments that the rest of the group has created.
Luckily, achievement tracking functions in the correct way. If the indicator text has turned red, this indicates that you have failed to complete the achievement.

We have prepared some tips for you:

  • Players affected by Inevitable Destruction must move away from the raid participants. However, they should not be close to the wall, as in this case the fragments will appear on top of the wall;
  • After the start of the second phase of the battle, the boss will start to maintain the "Zalzeix Awakening" ability and all raiders must wait until the end of the application of the ability. Once fragments appear, all raid members must pick up fragments arranged in the same direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise).
  • Try to avoid being hit by the Extermination Ray at all costs. If you are hit by the Extermination Ray, you will be instantly hit by the fragments you spawned. You will most likely come into contact with those fragments by accident.

Kiwifruity of Guild Honestly shared with us the code for a great "vicaura" that you can use to keep track of people who touch fragments. I suggest you move the "vicaura" window closer to the achievement tracker. Highlight one person tracking the "vicaura" - this will allow you to identify the raid member preventing the achievement. This information will be useful if you want to reduce the size of your group.