Kids Week (May 2 - May 9)

 Children's Week is a week in which we are to face a challenge greater than the dead and tasks more daunting than saving the world. We must become parents to orphans from all over Azeroth and give them happiness. We cannot blot out children's fears, we cannot heal memories transfixed by pain, and we cannot hide the sadness hidden within them. Stock up on toys, ask the magician to conjure up a table of goodies, load your quiver with arrows of pleasure and your gun with bright colors and dive into the world of parenthood!

The Children's Week event begins May 2 and ends May 9.

A total of 14 pets can be collected during Kids Week. Four new pets have been added for 2019: Flake, Mr. Krabs, Cluffs, and Froggy. Characters at level 110 and above can obtain pets by completing Orphan Cultiras and Orphan Zandalar tasks.

Have you collected all of your pets? Don't forget to pick up the Pet Care Kit, a reward you receive for participating in the event (even if you can no longer get pets). New for 2015. - Pet Care Kit. The item contains various pug outfits, such as the Big Pink Bow, the Magic Pet Cookie, and the Flawless Battle Stone. This is an alternate orphan quest reward option and a great option for those players who have already collected all their pets!


With the Toy Collection, a new addition to Warlords of Draenor, players can keep their collected toys forever. During the Kids Week event you can add two toys to your collection.
 Green Balloon is purchased from Buchs Zababachs in Orgrimmar and Craggle Golovoderg in Stormgrad for 10. They also sell the item Yellow Balloon, which became a toy in update 6.2.2.
 The Green Balloon can only be used during Kids Week, and while you can meet with Buchs Zabababachs and Craggle Golovoderg at any time of the year, they only sell toys during Kids Week.
Learn more about the toys in the toy collection guide and track your toys on Wowhead.
Fighting Pets.
As a reward for completing the task chains covered in this guide, you will receive the following battle pets. The pets mentioned are common to the account. This means that you can complete a quest with more than one character, and receive all pets in a single year. You can get 3 pets with one character, and you can get up to 10 pets associated with an event.


  •  Rat Cage, Rat Vibriss. Animal, unusual, breed 7, N/R
  •  Scratch, Sting, Beastly onslaught, Squall, Survival, Strike Back
  •  Turtle in a box, Rushing. Aquatic, unusual, breed 5, S/S
  •  Bite, Shell Shield, Headbutt, Grip, Healing Wave, Energy Tangle
  •  Snail Shell, Snail Shuster. Animal, Uncommon, Breed 6, V/V.
  •  Sticky Swab, Acid Slurry, Dive, Gathering, Panzer Shield, Head Shock
  •  Pig's Collar, Verticillium. Animal, Uncommon, Breed 10, V/V.
  •  Digging, Caution, Incredible Luck, Infected Bite, Buried Treasure, Head Bump
  • Shattrath (Outlander).
  •  Egbert's Egg, Egbert. Animal, Uncommon, Breed 3, V/V.
  •  Bite, Shell Shield, Heavy Step, Peck, Adrenaline Rush, Pretend Dead
  •  Eelec's training collar, Peanut. Animal, Unusual, Breed 6, V/V.
  •  Powerful kick, Roar, Headbutt, Hard step, Survival, Beastly onslaught
  •  Willie-sleeper, Willie. Magical, Unusual, Breed 3, V/V.
  •  Tongue attack, Sickening gaze, Agony, Focused radiation, Sizzling gaze, Rot
  •  Nogastic, Nogastic. Magical, Extraordinary, Breed 3, V/V.
  •  Laser, Tide of Power, Focused Radiation, Bandwagon, Gravity, Whirlpool
  • Dalaran (Nordskool).
  •  Curious little oracle, Curious little oracle. Humanoid, Uncommon, Breed 3, V/V.
  •  Hand strike, Very sticky resin, Backward somersault, Strong water jet, Dried yolk, Stinky breath
  •  Curious little wolcher, Curious little wolcher. Humanoid, Uncommon, Breed 4, V/V.
  •  Handstrike, Trap, Whirlwind, Bite, Mad Heart Brew, Trep
  • Battle for Azeroth
  •  Shell of the sandy hermit crab, Mr. Crabs. Aquatic.
  •  Kluffs, Kluffs. Aquatic.
  •  Slimy pouch, Froggy. Aquatic.
  •  Enchanted Scale Zavrolisk, Scale. Draconid.

So many new pets are a great reason to pay more attention to pet battles. Wowhead has many tools at your disposal that can help you.
The Combat Pet Squad Calculator will allow you to create your ideal team, import and customize in-game pet teams drawn directly from, compare your team's chances against a tamer or other players' teams, and analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and various positive effects.
Each of your combat pets pages (example) has a tool that shows how their characteristics change depending on their level, breed and rarity.
The combat pets pages also show fighting pets with similar models (example), and the abilities page also shows similar abilities but with different names (example).
The Combat Pet Abilities page shows (as an example) how an ability changes based on factors such as pet type, breed, and rarity.
We've put together a great guide on fighting pets that covers everything from basics to winning the Tournament of Heavens!

Tasks of the Horde.

There are two orphans that Horde players can take custody of during Children's Week. There is a different quest associated with each of them. You can take custody of two orphans (and even at the same time), complete both quest chains, and get two cute pets once a year! This is also while you can take guardianship of a neutral orphan from Nordscale, and get another pet (regardless of faction).
Orc Orphan (Grent).
You can take custody of an orphan orphan by talking to Orphan Caretaker Battlevale in Ogrimmar and taking the Child Week quest (if your character is level 10 or above). Use Orcish Child Whistle to summon orphan orphan and complete this quest.

Once you complete this quest, the orphan will have the ability to instruct you to complete three new quests:
 Rocket Ride.
To complete this quest, go with Orphan to the secret lab, (map) that is in Azshar He wants to take a ride on an experimental rocket, which you can find at the south end of the rocket road.
 Banshee Queen
To complete this mission, go to the Royal Quarter, (map)), which is in the Undercity and meet Lady Silvana. He's always dreamed of meeting someone so powerful in the Horde. To get from Podgorod to Ogrimmar, use the airship flying to Brill.
 The Fallen Tauren Chieftain
To complete this quest, go with the orphan to the Red Cliffs, (map) which is in the northeastern part of Mulgore. He wants to honor the fallen Cairn Bloodhoof by visiting the funeral pyre. To get from Mulgore to Ogrimmar, use the airship that flies to Thundercliff.
After you have completed all three quests, the orphan will offer you two more new quests to complete.
 Ice Cream for Kids!
The reason for this quest is because the orphan wants to try a new ice cream! You'll set off for the Goblin Slums (map), in Orgrimmar. In the Chimney, you must seek out the goblin mage, Snickx Coldworks, who has opened a shop called Cone of Cold, which sells...  Cone of cold. You can find it next to the trainer of the Culinary profession, in the company of ice elementals.

Buy the cool treat and share it with the orphan to make the quest count. Warning. If you're a mage - the macro associated with the spell Cone of Cold may not work correctly.
 Let's fly the kite!
Orphan now wishes to fly kites with you! Purchase a Pack with two kites from Buchs Zababachs, a goblin that can be found wandering around the Volok (map)) in Orgrimmar. Fly the kite with the orphan to make the quest count.
Finally, you will receive the final task: return the orphan's whistle to the orphan's guardian.
 Guardian of the Horde.
Acquire a Rack of Plastic Swords from Buchs Zababachs, a goblin you can find wandering around the Volok (map)) in Orgrimmar. Return the orphan orchid to the orphan's guardian in Orgrimmar. As a reward, offer one pet of your choice of three:
Or, if you don't like pets, you can get Rewards for a Scrooge, in which you will find 5.
New for 2015: an item Pet Care Kit, as a reward for a quest. The perfect choice if you've already collected all your pets. In it, you can find Flawless Battle Stone, items that change the size of your pet - ( Magic Pet Cookie, Magic Treat), items that affect experience - ( Pet Treat, Small Pet Treat), and disguises for the dwarf pugil - ( Big Pink Bow, Dapper Costume, Evil Pirate Costume, Little Princess Costume).