Fronts in Battle for Azeroth


Fronts is an in-game PvE mode for up to 20 people. War is on your doorstep, and members of each faction fight each other for control of a strategically important location.

Inspired by the Warcraft III Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Fronts allows you to take on the role of a commander, leading a small group of warriors into the depths of battle.

Together with your squad mates, you'll build fortifications, manage the supplies you need, train your warriors in the art of war, and ultimately take down the enemy's fortress. But unlike Warcraft III, you will not be directing the battle from on high, you will be in the front line!
Will I have to participate in PvP battles in the fronts?

Fronts, while reflecting the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, are not PvP content. By queuing up to participate in fronts, you are not queuing up to participate in a battle floor, or a PvP dungeon like Ashran. Once at the front, you'll go into battle accompanied by 19 allies, with NPCs at your command and you'll get to fight enemy bosses and warriors.

Front Cycle

The cycle has a total of 4 stages. Blizzard has provided the following description of the stages

  • Initially, the Alliance controls the Arathi Highlands, and the Horde players challenge them: they donate crafted items, gold, and resources for war to prepare their faction for attack. All players in the region take part in the preparation.
  • Once the region has gathered the necessary amount of supplies, the Battle for Stromgard front will open. Horde players will be able to take a place in line and take part in the battle. Getting to the front can be done within a certain period of time, so those wishing to do so will be able to complete tasks at the front based on their schedule.
  • Once the battles are over, the Arathi Highlands are taken over by the Horde. While players of this faction control the area, they unlock a unique local boss, a number of rare foes, and other rewards.
  • The Alliance heroes then begin collecting items and preparing to attack Horde territory.
  • The first phase of resource accumulation lasted 5 days, after which the Horde representatives were given 7 days to get in line for the frontline scenario.

Alliance representatives were only able to fight a local boss and rare foes in Arathi once during the cycle - the traditional weekly reset system did not apply to the aforementioned creatures.

Initiating a frontline battle

Fronts will use the same mechanics as the builds on the Shattered Coast - your faction will need to accumulate enough resources to initiate a frontal battle.

Once the resources have been amassed your faction will be given the opportunity to initiate a battle. The team that wins the frontline battle will gain control of the base and access to special content in the open world, while the losing team will focus on accumulating resources to take revenge.

For each contribution you will receive a large number of Azerite units and reputation points.

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Item Level Requirements

  • To be able to get in line for a frontline scenario, a character must reach level 120 and have at least level 320 of equipment.
  • How are the fronts implemented in the game?
  • The first front is the Battle of Stromgard, which is in the Arathi Highlands. The basic principles on which the fronts are built are as follows:
  • Resources - there are three types of resources associated with fronts in the game. You can familiarize yourself with them by opening a special interface window that can only be accessed at the front. Wood and iron are used to build and improve buildings, while Storm Essence (a rare currency), is used to Summon a Storm, a powerful overlaying positive effect;
  • Structures - The game features various structures that you can erect. You can use them to summon reinforcements, build weapons, and produce armor and equipment. We recommend the following building order: Chiefs House > Barracks > Armory = Altar of Storms > Fortress > Workshop > Citadel;
  • Bases - Players can take control of a base by planting a flag and defeating nearby hostile NPCs. As a reward for taking over a base, you will receive various bonuses.

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The team that initiates a frontline battle is guaranteed to win - this is designed to eliminate the situation where the frontline is permanently held by one faction. American and European game worlds will follow a single cycle.

A frontline battle is considered over after the death of the enemy commander controlling the Stromgard Fortress.