Allied races overview

Allied races are new to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, announced at BlizzCon 2017. In this review, you'll learn how to enlist the support of allied races, what racial abilities their members have, how to get a set of traditional armor, what appearance customization options exist, and more.

What are the Allied races?

The Allied races are a new type of race that have appeared in Battle for Azeroth and are available to players. It is known that there will be 8 allied races in the game, and it is possible that this number will increase in the future.
Alliance races: Elves of the Abyss, illuminated drenei, dwarves of Black Iron, kul-tirasians.
Horde races: Nightborn, Taurens of Krutogorje, Zandalar Trolls, Mage'hara Orcs
Representatives of each of the allied races have their own emotions. They have unique options for customizing their appearance, vehicles, and armor.

When will we be able to play as a member of an allied race?

You'll be able to play as a member of one of the allied races when you place a Battle for Azeroth pre-order (which ends on January 31st).

The allied races of Black Iron dwarves and Mage'hara Orcs will be available to players at a later date, once the Battle for Azeroth campaign, which is part of Service 8.0, has been released.

Players will be able to play as a Zandalar Troll and Kul Tirasian shortly after the release of the add-on

Enlist the support of allied races

You will be required to meet a number of conditions to be able to create a character representative of the following allied races: the Elves of the Abyss, the illuminated Drenaeans, the Nightborn and the Taurens of Coolthorje. Conditions:
Purchased Battle for Azeroth add-on;
Gain the achievement for completing a special chain of quests, and achieving exaltation with the appropriate allied faction.
The achievement can be attained by all of the characters on the account, not only those of a specific faction. For example, you can get the required achievement for the Nightborn by a Horde character, while achieving the exaltation with them by an Alliance character.
A created Allied race character will start their journey in Azeroth at level 20.
You can track your progress level in discovering Allied races using our tool.
Nightborns: Achieve exaltation with the Dormant and gain the Rebellion achievement
Elves of the Abyss: Achieve exaltation with Defenders of the Argus and gain the achievement Now you are ready!
Illuminated Drenei: Achieve exaltation with the Army of Light, and gain the achievement Now you are ready!
Tauren of Ore Mountains: Accomplish exaltation with Tribes of Ore Mountains, and gain the achievement Knee Mountains.
Complete the military campaign in update 8.0 to gain the support of the dwarves of Black Iron and the orcs of Mag'har.
Means of Transport and Scenario
After completing the scenario, the quest chain to unlock an allied race and the achievement, you'll add a vehicle to your collection that matches the theme of the allied race you've unlocked - it can be saddled by a character from any of the in-game races represented in the game.

Each of the allied races corresponds to a unique set of traditional armor. You can obtain it by upgrading your allied race character from level 20 to 110 without using the paid upgrade services.

Traditional armor is cosmetic, and can be used to transmogrify cloth, leather, chainmail, and armor. Traditional armor can only be worn by a member of the appropriate allied race. Members of other races cannot use them.

Conditions for gaining the support of this allied race: Achieve exaltation with the Army of Light and gain the achievement Now you're ready!
Dialogues accompanying the process of attracting an allied race to the Alliance