Mechagon summary guide

Greetings, visitors from the great outdoors! This guide is written to help you understand the mechanics of Mechagon, the new zone added in patch 8.2. Here you will find a summary of everything related to the zone, including daily quests, rare creatures and treasures, a new faction, combat pets and toys, as well as a help on the new in-game system: engineering projects and related blueprints.

Mechagon: detailed guidance


In Patch 8.2, the Kul'Tiras diggers finally managed to open the door to a mysterious shelter found in the southern mountains of Tiragrad Pomerania. Inside, they discovered a radio transmitter whose signal transmits the coordinates of the new land, Mechagon. You have the opportunity to go to this uncharted island to find the source of the signal and provide assistance if needed. Upon arriving on the island, you see many broken robots, mountains of mechanical debris, and whole lakes of oil and grease. The signal led you to a settlement of dwarves who call themselves the Mechanognoms. It turns out that excessive fascination with machinery and engineering has caused these dwarves to begin replacing parts of their own bodies with mechanical prosthetics. Previously, the Mehanognom's position in society was directly dependent on the number of robotic prosthetics, but not too long ago, King Mechagon went too far. He now seeks to fully mechanize his subjects in order to "cure" them of the curse of the flesh, and return them to their original appearance as conceived by the Titans. A group of rebels rejected the King's ideas and escaped from the underground fortress to the surface. King Mehgon's native son, Prince Erasmine has taken over the leadership of the Resistance in hopes of stopping his father and putting an end to his villainous plans. Following the signal takes you straight to Rusty Bolt, the base of the Rusty Bolt Resistance, where the latest wonders of robotics are assembled. Only you can help the Resistance stop the king and reclaim your home.

What awaits you in Mechagon?

  • a gripping story of Mechagons
  • a new epochal dungeon for 5 people: Operation Mechagon
  • New faction: The Rustbelt Resistance
  • New accessory that you will be able to modify and refine with Perfocards
  • New in-game system: engineering projects, as well as daily quests
  • 8 new vehicles, including:  Artisanal Mechanopawk, Laser Pointer for the Mechanocat, and Rusty Keys from the Scrapheap Wanderer
  • 23 new achievements
  • 30 new combat pets
  • Several toys, notably the Mini Azeroth Collection: Mechagon

How to unlock Mechagon

Complete the opening quest chain to unlock Mechagon. The first quest, Wolf Goes Hunting / Chief's Command, is automatically set in Borlus Landing / Dazar'alor. In order to do so, your character must be level 120. By unlocking Nazjatar, you will receive a chain of quests that will unlock the Essences system for the Heart of Azeroth. After completing these quests in Silitus and Krutogorye, return to Nazzhatar to recruit new allies for your faction. You will now be able to take the new quests for Mechagon: Dwarven Glory / Mechagon Gossip in Mezzamer / New House, as well as begin the Legend of Mechagon / Legend of Mechagon alongside the Flightmaster in Boralus Harbor / Dazar'alor: Mechmaster Latchman / Gazlow. You can skip these quests and get to Mechagon on your own, but then you won't see any quests at the sharpest and even the flight steward won't be available to you. In addition, you will have to do the opening quests over and over again for each of your characters.


The main Mechagon storyline milestones are reflected in the achievement: Threat from Mechagon (A) / Threat from Mechagon (O). Instead of the usual local quests in Mechagon, you will have to complete daily quests. In addition, the Rustbelt Resistance faction has no Envoy quests, but does have Ideal's reputation. There are also special local quests, which are automatically issued one per day.