Pumpkinwine (Oct. 18 to Nov. 1)

On Pumpkinwave, we celebrate the release of the Forsaken of the Plague. Jokes, laughter, and goodies await you in all of Azeroth's taverns!

 Pumpkinwine takes place from October 18 to November 1. Collect candy, wands, taste festive viands, put on horrible masks and receive battle pets as gifts from the tavern owners!

Among the new features for 2019:

  • The level of loot gained after defeating the Headless Horseman is 395 units.

Among the 2018 novelties:

  • The level of loot received by a level 120 character after defeating the Headless Horseman is 335 units.
  • There is a new toy - Headless Horseman's Return Stone

Among the new additions for 2017:

  •  Naxxi is a new Undead-type pet acquired for 150 Pumpkin Sweets. The pet can be sold to other players;
  •  Xavius exclusive costume is a costume most likely to be acquired for 200 pumpkin sweets;
  •  The Horse Head Costume and the Horse Tail Costume are toy costumes! Each toy costs 150 Pumpkin Sweets;
  • The level of items mined from the Headless Horseman is now 880 units;
  • It is no longer necessary to develop a character to the maximum level to fight the Headless Horseman - characters of level 23 and above can challenge the Horseman.
  • Pumpkinhead's armor is now a cosmetic item. Transmogrification of gear into themed armor will be active throughout Pumpkinwine.
  •  Weathered inherited armor plating, purchasable for 450 Pumpkinwine goodies.

Among the new items for 2016:

  •  An exclusive Grommash costume, a costume acquired for 200 Pumpkinwine goodies;
  •  Sinister Pet Treat - a fun pet item acquired for 5 Pumpkinweed Sweets;
  • There is a new daily task: "Under the Knotted Tree" - defeat Aria Heart of Sorrow and obtain the Sorceress' Thing. It contains 5 pumpkin sweets. In addition, with a low probability, the following cosmetic headgear can be obtained from this item: First Sister's Hat, Second Sister's Hat, Third Sister's Hat, or Little Sister's Hat. A character must reach at least level 98 to receive the task.
  • There are no achievements related to collecting candy slices on the Shattered Islands, however, members of each faction can find two slices, one in the faction tavern and one in the Magician's Shelter.
  • Pets and themed disguises can now be purchased from Pippy and Voym.
  •  Magic wand - banshee is acquired from Parrock or Darla for 2 pumpkin sweets.

In 2015, the developers delighted players with new items for Pumpkinwine:

  • Pets: Spooky Rat, Ghost Worm, Ghost Weaver
  • Toys: Multiface Coin, Ghost Spider Bag
  • Wands: Magic Wand - creature, Magic Wand - gargoyle, Magic Wand - non-rub
  • New quests: Exterminate the crew, Dirty Fertilizer, Mutiny on the Bone Ship, and Stomp the Pumpkins, upon completion of which you will receive Fearful Supplies, a currency that can be exchanged for garrison decorations.
  • Player Disguises: An exclusive Deathwing costume (and cheaper Arthas disguise!)
  • Disguises for Pepe: Little Scarecrow Costume
  • Inherited Item Enhancements: Vintage Inherited Armor Plating and Worn Inherited Armor Plating, both of which can be purchased with Pumpkin Sweets.
  • Some of the most notable garrison decorations include the following:
  •  Hideous Costumes: "Dress the guards of your garrison in festive costumes."
  •  Holy glow: "Pumpkins, candles, and other decorations for your garrison."
  •  Seer Invitation: "Invites a seer arakkoa to your garrison."
  •  Hopscotch Decoction.
  •  Creepy Crawlers: "Creepy box of ghostly rats, maggots and spiders."


Pumpkinwine has made its way to Drenor! The developers have added garrison themed decorations to the game, acquired from Izzy Hollifizzle. In addition, it is Izzy who is approached by players wishing to complete a particular daily task. Don't forget to find Pepe and his special disguise, the Little Scarecrow Costume.

Each of the garrison decorations is purchased for 5 Scary Supplies, a new currency common to the account.
 Frightful Costumes: "Dress the guards of your garrison in festive costumes."
Garrison guards take one of the following guises: Magic Wand - pirate costume, Magic Wand - ninja costume, Magic Wand - leprognosis costume, Magic Wand - skeleton costume
 Holy Glow: "Pumpkins, candles, and other decorations for your garrison."
Creates pumpkins, lanterns, and a bonfire in your garrison.
 Seer Invitation: "Invites a Seer Arakkoa to your garrison."
Invites the Seer Icalai, uttering the following phrase: "This land is dense with the departed. My magic will make them feel more welcome here."
 A decoction of hopscotch.
Summons the Dark Paw Hopsmith, releasing the Mysterious Decoction. After using this item the character will turn into a Pandarian spirit.
 Creepy Crawlers: "A creepy box of ghostly rats, maggots, and spiders."
This is exactly the kind of item that toy and pet collectors will love! With this item, you will have the following pets in your garrison: Spooky Rat, Ghost Worm, and Ghost Weaver. They can be revived instantly, so stay close to them and you'll be sure to get a rare quality pet. Arachnius will also appear in the garrison - with some probability you can get a Ghost Spider Bag from it.
More than one Garrison ornament can be active at a time. The player can choose which ornaments to make active and which to turn off - just talk to Izzy Hollyfizzle for that. Remember that you can visit another player's Garrison with active Hollyfeathers and get pets.

 Scary supplies can be obtained as a reward for completing 4 daily quests. You can accept these tasks in the garrison - you will have to travel to the western part of the Socretar Plateau in the Ghost Moon Valley. In total, you will be required to complete the daily quests for five days with one character in order to get all 5 ornaments for the Garrison.

  •  Team Extermination: 1
  •  Dirty Fertilizer: 1
  •  Rebellion on a Bone Ship: 2
  •  Stomp the Pumpkins: 1

Save the Scary Supplies! You'll be able to convert them into pumpkin sweets.

The Headless Horseman is a boss with 5 players in the battle. The battle takes place at the cemetery of the Scarlet Order monastery. Players can queue up to take part in the battle using the dungeon's group finder tool. Epic quality items of level 880 are mined from the Rider. In addition, by unlocking the Filled Pumpkin, players can obtain a special loot - said item is a reward for the first boss kill of the day.

New for 2017: now it is not necessary to develop the character to the maximum level to be able to fight the Headless Horseman - it is enough to have a character of at least level 20.

Remember that you can fight the boss as many times as you wish, however, after the first boss kill of the day you can only get the usual loot - Filled loot pumpkin and cash reward can only be obtained after the first boss kill of the day.