Guidelines for obtaining the "Glory of a War Hero"



War Hero Glory

"Glory of a War Hero" can be obtained by achieving a number of achievements in Battle for Azeroth dungeons. By achieving all of the achievements listed below, you will receive the Obsidian Crawler's Reins, a land-based means of transportation. Check out a preview of this vehicle on Youtube.

Note: Please note that at the time of writing this guide, dungeons have been available in-game for less than a week, and several achievements are affected by various malfunctions (e.g. enemies disappearing from view, players taking too much damage in GOLD!!!, randomly ending up in a different phase in the Sanctuary, etc.). If you have any questions regarding an Achievement, please visit the Achievement page for more information or contact the Achievements server at

 Who's coming with Zhivz.

Collect 3 items as you progress through the dungeon to gain this achievement. "Zhivz's Empty Plate" will appear near the nest after defeating the first boss, "Exquisite Parrot Snack" can be found on top of the platform in The Rum Quarter, and "Zhivz's Treat" can be found near the parrot itself (after the third boss).


 Full r-r-r-red!

  • Place the Hearthstone board before the boss fight to summon Eyeball.
  •  Handsome's Riches.
  • Handsome Harlan will select a random player as a target for " Firing". The selected player must stand next to the chest so that Harlan's " Firing" destroys the chest.
  • Sanctuary of Storms
  •  Breath of the Sanctuary
  • You will find " Sanctuary Breath" almost in the first room, almost immediately after starting the dungeon. If you take damage from ice magic, the fire of the spirits will go out. It is recommended to clear the path to the third boss of all enemies beforehand, then pick up the "breath". Do not kill the first boss - otherwise the "breath" will disappear and will no longer be revived. You will get the achievement after the lights at the third boss are lit.
  •  Slumbering Abyss
  • Lord Stormsong will occasionally use the 'Abyss Awakening' ability during melee, which summons creatures from the awakened abyss that chase the player and attempt to explode upon contact. This achievement requires that you do not make contact with the awakened abyss and must kite them for the duration of the battle.
  •  Trust No One
  • To get the Mad Dreams effect you must dive into the water before the last boss and swim to the depth where the orbs of the Abyss appear and then swim through them. The effect will make you hostile to all players for 24 seconds, after that the effect will be removed for 6 seconds, during which time the healer must use powerful healing spells and restore your full health. Avoid using area damage while fighting the boss, and use self-healing abilities to help the healer.

After applying the Vol'zit Whispering "grip of the Sunken City", you will be transported to the sunken world. Your task is to kill enemies quickly. Wait 20-30 seconds for powerful abilities (called "kuldowns") to regenerate. Vol'zit the Whisperer will also use the "Call of the Deep". You'll be required to apply control effects to five incarnations of the depths, and prevent them from reaching the boss.


 Not so afraid of the evil eye.
While going through the dungeon, Zanchul's Znakhar will apply a "Contagious Jinx" to a random player, an ability that turns an enemy into a harmless creature for 5 seconds. Once the effect ends, all players adjacent to the cursed player will also turn into the creature.

We recommend to deal with all trash in the dungeon before the fight with Zanchul's medicine woman. You'll need to bring the znchwoman to every boss in the dungeon. You'll also need a class with long duration control abilities (e.g. monks with 'Paralysis', hunters with 'Freeze Trap', mages with 'Transformation'). Don't let the herbalist get free from control effects until the boss has some health left. If there are no classes with control abilities in your group, focus on interrupting with "Contagious Jinx" ability during the whole battle.
 Gold Rush
Using the 'Spirit of Gold' ability, the boss will summon additional foes. Summoned foes will go to the pools of defiled blood and drain them. When the puddles are gone, the foe will begin to attack the players. At this point, players must apply a control effect to the opponent to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The enemy will have to drain 8 puddles of defiled blood to turn into Fatal Corruption.
All players in the group, except the tank, must disperse and stay near one of the fryers while the boss applies the "Soul Ripping" ability - this will ignite the Flames of Darkness fryers. The Fryers will burn for approximately 25 seconds. - We recommend setting the Fryers only when the boss has between 5 and 10% health left.

The rottenness
 No time to spoil now.
Elder Lix's abilities will impose G'uun spoilage on players after the latter have taken damage from spells. This means that players should interrupt Elder Lix's abilities and avoid getting hit by them in order not to allow themselves to be hit by the said effect.

You can make this achievement a little easier to achieve if the healer becomes a fighter - thus, you'll gain an additional ability that lets you interrupt Lixa's use of spells. It will also allow you to defeat her faster.
 Angry Guy
Musashitaki can be found in the far left corner of the room. Get the boss to apply "Shockwave" towards Musashitaki to make him active.

Note: If Musashitaki is immune to attacks, move to the center of the room. After a short time Musashitaki will teleport himself closer to the players.
 Debatable Survival
Puddles of nefarious emissions will thicken from time to time, forming decaying spores that haunt the occasional player. You'll have to defeat the boss without letting any of the decaying spores die - this is easy enough to achieve by simply kaying them around the room in a circle.

We recommend that you use control effects to slow down the spores. Don't forget to make sure that the talents you choose, accessories you wear, and active Azerite features don't accidentally kill said spores.