"Unsurpassed Fisherman"

Addons that are desirable to put:

  • Shows fishing time and drop chance of each fish.
  • Awesome addon for the minicard, easier to see the holes and better rendering, I advise to put.

Stages of preparation, which you will need in the future:

Stage One: We fly to the North Thorny Valley. We need to retrieve a book, titled The Tattered Journal. This book is contained in chests that you fished out of the Shoal of Sagebrush. The best and most convenient place to catch the chest I marked on the map, the chance to drop the book from the chest, about 15-20%. In time it takes about 20-30 minutes. And when you catch this book and examine, get achievement Fish does not leave traces, which in the future will be able to see the fish wells on the mini map.
P.S. It turns on Find Fish on the mini-map.

The second step: I advise to pump fishing to 800 level, good in the Legion of this was quickly, a day, two can pump. Along the way doing achievement Fish of my dreams for an artifact rod, the process of taking the achievement takes 3hours, in the future with the capture of the title and achievement, it will not just help us.

The third stage: Mentally prepare, because we will have to fish long and hard.

The first achievement Fisherman of Nordskool

I advise you to start with him right away, because the skill of fishing, will be needed everywhere different. For pumping up to 450 fishing, you will get this achiv, but if you shake a full fishing to 800-do not want, then at least bring the fishing skill to 550.

Costs in time:

  • Up to 450, about three to four hours.
  • Up to 800, about 6 to 7 hours.

Second Best Azeroth Fisherman Achievement

Every Sunday at 14:00 (Moscow time), there is a tournament (Game Event # 301) where you have to win it by placing in the top 50!
The tournament requirements were changed in Legion and now it is very easy to win the event. You can fish from any hole in the tournament, preferably from the Sage-grouse Shoal next to the Trading Company Camp in North Thorny Valley, there is the least amount of competition.

Requirements: Catch 40 speckled tasty fish, and surrender Riggle Mormysh, he stands at the Pirate Bay, arrow on the completion of the quest, will show where to pass.

Notes: The quest itself is offered automatically when you enter the territory of Thorny Vale. Quest itself - Fishmania of Thorny Valley 

Time commitment:
15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Third Marauder achievement

The essence of the achievement is also extremely simple, but some comments on this achievement is still there.

  • Steam pump wreckage - finding wells of wreckage is not a problem, the easiest of this achievement.
  • Bloody Sail shipwreck debris - this is what a lot of people have a problem with, few people have figured out how to fish them out, the thing is, the best way to catch them is in the "Thorny Valley". On the shore, fish holes, 5 holes is enough, after that just fly over the area and find the wrecks.
  • Wrecked Schooner - If you can't find the schooner, I suggest you fish the holes and then fly over the water. It will take 5-6 holes for the wreck to spawn.
  • Wreckage in the water - Rarely spawns, but if you look hard, you will find no problem :)
  • Floating wreckage - Catch it near the Necrosite. Empty 7-8 holes and go looking for debris!

Cost in time:
30 minutes to 1 hour.

Fourth Achievement Nordskolk Fisherman

Quite a simple achievement, so I'll write approximate coordinates, if some coordinates don't match, just look around nearby:

  • Coordinates and names of places to fish:
  • Shoal of Boreas Jellyfish - Boreas Tundra
  • Shoal of kingfisher - Boreas tundra
  • A school of shellfish - Boreas tundra
  • A school of moon cuttlefish - Boreas Tundra
  • Shoal of deep-water wonder-duck - Boreal tundra
  • school of jellyfish - Sholazar lowland
  • Shoal of icefish - Crystal Song Forest
  • Shoal of drakoper angelfish - Dragonstone Pogost
  • Shoal of glacier salmon - Grey Hills
  • Shoal of fang-toothed herring - Roaring Fjord

Time commitment:
30 minutes.

Coin Trap Fifth Achievement

Overall a simple achievement, but a tedious one that you need to spend 3 hours of uninterrupted farming on. All you need to do is fly to the Old Dalaran which is located in Nordskol, then we need to find a fountain, it is near the Evening Dawn sit down and catch coins when you come across gold coins, immediately throwing in the fountain and you hang 2 minute Buff lucky, which will help you catch them faster.

Tip: Spend 3 hours of your life on this achive, do not carry over to the next day, right away and then enthusiastically go rest, but rest you will not have ;)

Costs in time:
From 2 hours to 3.

The sixth achievement The fish did not slip away

The most in my opinion "pissed off" achievement, you need to catch 1 fish out of the 10 given.
The best fish to farm is a 15 pound silt lucian in the Struggling River near Ogrimmar.
This achievement takes about 4 hours of uninterrupted farming, so get your nerves ready and go ahead with the fight. Loktar ogar!

Note: Do not try to farm lo-vlvnymi twinks, it is useless, better farm the one who often play. And yes, the chance to drop our fish is 0.3%, with wells to catch useless, so pick a point and catch it.
As I often noticed, our fish is most often dropped at the coordinates in Durotan, Struggling River.